‘Lost’ IRS emails: Get real, Team Obama, we’re not that gullible

Courtesy of Foxnews.com At some point, it’s hard not to laugh. Last Friday afternoon, the Obama administration’s IRS claimed that it could not provide copies of former top IRS official Lois Lerner’s complete email records because of – get this – a “computer crash.” But Lerner didn’t lose all of her emails, mind you, just the most potentially incriminating messages, for example, any emails to the White House, Democrats in Congress, the Department of Justice, and other external entities, during the most potentially incriminating timeframe Continue reading →

California university, students revolt against failing cafe named for Che Guevara

Joshua Rhett Miller Long after his death, Che Guevara, who some regard as a ruthless killer and others adore as an icon of revolution, is teaching a new generation of students about the failure of communism. University of California-San Diego students have run the “Che Café Collective” for 34 years, a vegan co-op and concert venue boasting “exorbitantly low” prices and volunteer staffing. But it’s consistently in the red, costing the student body nearly $1 million over the years, and isn’t kept up to fire Continue reading →

Human Trafficking Event to Address Sex Slavery-Prostitution-Pornography

Hultgren Recently Named to Congressional Human Trafficking Task Force Washington, DC — U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren (IL-14) will host a special presentation for Members of Congress and their staffs by Laila Mickelwait of Exodus Cry, an international anti-human trafficking organization, to discuss the destructive correlation between prostitution and pornography, and sex slavery. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, May 7 at 5:30 p.m. ET in Room HC-8 of the U.S. Capitol. “Human trafficking is a fast-growing global criminal enterprise that generates $32 billion annually Continue reading →

Supreme Court WIN!

Dear Ambassadors, Public meetings CAN open in uncensored prayer! Praise God! Today, the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed this American tradition that has continued for hundreds of years and takes place daily at every level of government does not violate the Constitution. We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Ambassador campaign to get the word out about this case. Thanks to your support, Alliance Defending Freedom defended the small town of Greece’s practice of permitting volunteer citizens to deliver an Continue reading →

IRS-scandal trail leads to ‘mystery man’

WASHINGTON — The IRS scandal now has a mystery figure – someone in a position of great power who requested the targeting of conservative groups. The congressional committee leading the investigation into the IRS abuse scandal obtained a bombshell email from a Justice Department employee to an IRS official that says, “I have been asked to run something by you.” The “something” is the possibility of criminally investigating conservative groups, the “you” is former IRS tax-exempt division chief Lois Lerner, and the email was sent Continue reading →

Deepening divide over climate change sparks fierce debate

By: Doug McKelway In the climate change debate, believers and skeptics alike have vastly different opinions based on widely divergent facts. That was illustrated by Wednesday’s release of “Climate Change Reconsidered II,” a study by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, which draws its conclusions from thousands of peer-reviewed papers, and which finds global warming to be an entirely manageable, if not beneficial, change in the climate. The report stands in stark contrast to the U.N.’s latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report of Continue reading →