Ending Groundhog Republicanism

Humanity is tormented once again by an age-old issue—is man to live in dignity and freedom under God or be enslaved—are men in government to serve, or are they to master, their fellow men? It befalls us now to resolve this issue anew—perhaps this time for centuries to come. Nor can we evade the issue here at home. Even in this Constitutional Republic, for two centuries the beacon of liberty the world over, individual freedom retreats under the mounting assault of expanding centralized power. Fiscal Continue reading →

Student Column: The Current Constitutional Crisis

We unquestionably live in an extraordinary time that has only been seen before once or twice in our nation’s history. The constitution that has kept us free for centuries is being threatened almost on a day to day basis. Currently, we continually watch an executive act in ways that make him more like a king than a president, the courts now act to change the constitution in order to conveniently fit the context of the laws instead of checking the laws to see if they Continue reading →

California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else

California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else OCTOBER 22, 2014 By Casey Mattox For the past four years, the Obama administration and its friends on the Left were careful to claim that they still strongly support religious liberty while arguing that Hobby Lobby’s Green family, Conestoga Wood Specialties’ Hahn family, and others like them must lose. Principally, they contended, religious liberty protections could not be applied to Hobby Lobby because (1) It is a for-profit corporation, (2) It isn’t a church (and thus not a Continue reading →


Don’t give power to a radical homosexual. Case in point: the city of Houston. In an unprecedented attack against religious freedom and free-speech rights, Houston Mayor Annise Parker, an open lesbian, recently issued subpoenas demanding pastors turn over sermons dealing with homosexuality and any remarks they’ve made in opposition to that city’s “non-discrimination” ordinance, which in part allows transgendered men to use ladies’ restrooms. Why would the mayor want to silence Christians? After all, aren’t LGBT people all about “tolerance”? Well, no. Mayor Parker and Continue reading →

Hultgren to Host Human Trafficking Forum in Geneva

*Media Advisory* Hultgren to Host Human Trafficking Forum in Geneva Washington, DC — U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today announced he will host a forum on Thursday, October 23 to help educate the public and raise awareness about sex trafficking and exploitation and the dangers they pose to our community, region, and world. It is estimated that 21 million people worldwide are victims of this form of modern slavery. Of those, more than 100,000 children in the United States and, in greater Chicago, between 16,000 Continue reading →

ICE expands reach of smartphone app designed to locate child predators and rescue their victims

WASHINGTON — The first U.S. federal law enforcement app designed to seek the public’s help with fugitive and unknown suspected child predators is now available for Android smartphones, and in Spanish for both Apple and Android versions. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) launched the initial Operation Predator app for Apple products in September 2013. Within 36 hours of its launch, the app helped HSI special agents apprehend a suspect. The latest versions of the app are expected to significantly increase Continue reading →